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One Million Moms Vs Disney’s DuckTales [VIDEO]

Just in from hate group leader Monica Cole: WARNING! DuckTales is not the same cartoon parents grew up watching. Disney has introduced a male couple as the parents of two characters in the reboot of its popular DuckTales, rated TV-Y. Violet, a friend of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, has two dads as seen in the first episode of Season 3. …

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Concerned Women Are Concernstipated About Homosexuals On Television

Concerned woman Janet Shaw Crouse longs for the days of nursery rhyme romances. Because all those homosexuals on television are destroying true love. Or something! Looking back, it’s amazing how much our simple nursery rhymes taught us about life, including the natural progression of relationships. Intuitively, we knew these axioms to be true and passed them down throughout the generations. …

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Concerned Women Are Concerned About Violent Homofascist Predators

The Concerned Women for America today filed a Supreme Court brief in support of the attempt to suppress the names of those that signed Washington state’s homophobic Referendum 71. Because them violent homofascist predators iz gonna whup somebody! Penny Nance, CEO for Concerned Women for America, said, “CWA seeks to protect the individuals who signed the petition from having their …

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