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ILLINOIS: Hate Group Sues College For Right To Distribute Anti-Gay Flyers

Members of an SPLC-certified hate group have sued a Chicago-area community college, alleging that their First Amendment right to be bigoted douchebags has been violated. Wayne Lela and John McCartney, members of Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment, allege they were not allowed to pass fliers out to students on one of Waubonsee’s campuses even though they did not violate …

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Today In Wingnuttery

JMG reader John points us to this bit of asshattery. HOME is a crackpot group created by Wayne Lela, who claims (among other things) that the Freemasons are a homosexual front group that routinely hosts “homosexual orgies.” If only! Lela, in addition to staging anti-gay protests at college campuses, and once running for U.S. president, has the backing of NARTH, …

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