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Today’s Ridiculous Lie From Hair Furor

The New York Daily News reports: Blaming Obama and tweeting false facts — it’s Tuesday morning on Twitter with President Trump. Trump in a tweet inaccurately blamed former President Obama for releasing “122 vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo Bay — something the previous President did not even come close to doing. In fact, U.S. intelligence data shows it is former President …

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John Oliver On Guantanamo Prison [VIDEO]

The Week reports: On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver called the fact that Gitmo is still open one of Obama’s “inarguable failures.” A poll found that 52 percent of Americans think it should remain open, and while he sees the appeal — “potentially dangerous people are locked up and far away” — there are more reasons to shut it down. …

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HomoQuotable – Anthony Romero

“President Obama has utterly failed the first test of his second term, even before inauguration day. His signature means indefinite detention without charge or trial, as well as the illegal military commissions, will be extended. He also has jeopardized his ability to close Guantanamo during his presidency. Scores of men who have already been held for nearly 11 years without …

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