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Grover Norquist Went To Burning Man

“Some self-professed ‘progressives’ whined at the thought of my attending what they believed was a ghetto for liberal hippies. Yes, there was a gentleman who skateboarded without elbow or kneepads – or any knickers whatsover. Yes, I rode in cars dressed-up as cats, bees and spiders; I watched trucks carrying pirate ships and 30 dancers. I drank absinthe. But anyone …

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Dan Savage On Bill Maher

Grover Norquist (above) wasn’t too happy with a joke Dan Savage made on last night’s Bill Maher show. Mediaite has a recap: Savage credited all of the people brave enough to come out to their families as one of the biggest contributing factors to the social progress that’s been made in the United States. One significant achievement was that, while …

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The Family Research Council and the American Family Association are ever so pissed at Grover Norquist. Squee!

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