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Definitely The Deep State: Fox Analyst Claims His WiFi Goes Down Whenever He Publishes Biden Hit Pieces

Mediaite reports: Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett tweeted on Friday afternoon that after sending a “highly critical” column about Democratic nominee Joe Biden, his internet service cut out. He called the incident “odd, if not curious,” and reassured his followers that he drove to a nearby store to safely dispatch the piece. Jarett, a reliable supporter of President Donald …

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Fox Analyst Claims Joe Biden “Stoked Racial Unrest”

“Is Joe Biden to blame for the widespread violence by Antifa and BLM? Because he stoked racial unrest with his own divisive rhetoric. Not to mention the fact that he spent months refusing to condemn that violence. Did he make it worse? “I mean, that’s a lot more plausible than blaming President Trump for a plot in Michigan by people …

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