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Alabama Senate Passes Bill To End Marriage Licenses

The Birmingham News reports: A bill to eliminate marriage licenses in Alabama and set up a process under which probate judges accept affidavits from couples as official records of marriage has passed the Alabama Senate. The cost would be the same that it now costs to buy a marriage license. The requirement of a ceremony to solemnize the marriage would …

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ALABAMA: Senate Approves Bill To Eliminate Marriage Licenses And Have Marriages Recorded By Judges

AL.com reports: The Alabama Senate has passed a bill that would eliminate marriage licenses and instead have marriages recorded by probate judges. The bill, by Sen. Greg Albritton [photo], now moves to the House. Similar bills have been proposed the last two years, since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states had to allow same-sex marriages and recognize same-sex marriages …

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ALABAMA: State House Committee Advances Bill To Replace Marriage Licenses With Contracts

Alabama News reports: An Alabama House committee has approved a bill that would replace state-signed marriage licenses with contracts in a bid to free probate judges from signing licenses for gay couples. The House Judiciary committee voted Wednesday for the bill, which passed the Senate in March. Republican Sen. Greg Albritton’s bill would require couples to file a form to …

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