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ROMANIA: Orthodox Church Collects Three Million Signatures In Push To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Agence France-Presse reports: Romanian campaigners said Monday they had collected three million signatures on a petition to block same-sex unions in the EU member state. Several groups linked to the Orthodox Church and united under the umbrella Coalition for Family are seeking a constitutional amendment to narrowly define marriage as the “union between a man and a woman”. It is …

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GREECE: Orthodox Bishop Calls On Greeks To Spit On Lawmakers Who Vote For Civil Unions Bill

The Greek Parliament, at long last, is due to consider a civil unions bill. And that has a bishop with the Greek Orthodox Church ready to literally spit with rage. Via the Greek Reporter: The Holy Synod decided to adhere to its previous position, namely that the Church of Greece denounces alternative family forms because they are a devaluation of …

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