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Viral Supercut Shows State TV Hosts Bashing Obama On North Korea Then Praising Trump For Same Plan

Mediaite reports: Video outlet NowThis put together a stunning supercut of Fox News anchors talking about the prospect of the U.S. president meeting with North Korea’s leader — and there’s an astonishing discrepancy between their reactions, based on which president it was. When Barack Obama suggested that he would meet with North Korea without preconditions, Fox News absolutely skewered him. …

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Pentagon Memo: No Tanks In Trump’s Military Parade

NBC News reports: It looks like President Donald Trump is getting the military parade he wants in Washington — though he may get no tanks for the effort. A Pentagon planning memo issued Thursday and released Friday says the parade being planned for Nov. 11, Veterans Day, will “include wheeled vehicles only, no tanks — consideration must be given to …

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GLORIOUS LEADER: Trump Forces Cabinet Members And Senior Staffers To Praise Him On Camera [VIDEO]

The New York Daily News reports: All hail President Trump — says Trump. The President of the United States on Monday made everyone at a meeting of cabinet members and senior staff go around the table and praise him on camera — a self -indulgence that drew immediate mockery on social media and from Chuck Schumer. At the White House …

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