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NEW YORK CITY: Police Report Three GHB-Related Deaths In One Day

According to the NYPD, three apparently GHB-related deaths took place in downtown Manhattan on Sunday. The New York Post reports: The handsome scion of a Manhattan hotel conglomerate was found dead of a suspected drug overdose in his posh Union Square pad, law-enforcement sources said Monday. Charlie Denihan — a 29-year-old Ivy League grad whose father runs the Denihan Hospitality …

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GHB Wreaking Havoc On Fire Island

Having been out of town the last few weekends, I’m only just now hearing the tragic news of this year’s Fire Island Pines Party, during which 16 partygoers overdosed on GHB. And August 18th, a 31 year-old man died of a GHB overdose in his Pines rental home, allegedly after his physician roommate recommended he be allowed to “sleep it …

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