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Pentecostal “Prophets” To Launch Pro-Trump Tour

Religion News Service reports: Among a certain cohort of popular evangelical Christian preachers and other conservative personalities, there are some bedrock truths that come not from human reason, they say, but Almighty God. Among them: Donald Trump is the U.S. president, and those who persecute him face death. Joe Biden, the antichrist, should be in prison for treason. Christians should …

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Christian Nationalists Hold Massive Rally: The Election Was Stolen And We’re Taking Our Nation Back [VIDEO]

“There’s one thing that I know for sure, and this is the raw truth: The raw truth was on Nov. 3, 2020, President Donald Trump won the election. “We’re still waiting on the election to be corrected, and we’re not going anywhere. That election was rigged. It was stolen. “But I got news for you, and I got news for …

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