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Honey Maid Issues Another Pro-LGBT Message [VIDEO]

Tissue alert! Nearly two years ago Honey Maid launched a series of pro-LGBT messages, all posted with the hashtag #ThisIsWholesome, which earned them immediate furor and boycott calls from hate groups. Honey Maid continues the theme this week with a “Love Day” Valentine’s clip that includes several heartwarming exchanges between LGBT kids and their families. Pink News recaps: The new …

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BREAKING: Pastor Kenneth Miller Ordered To Prison For Kidnapping Daughter Of Lesbian Mother

Last month a federal appeals court upheld the conviction and today, finally, there’s a little bit of justice for lesbian mom Janet Jenkins. Via the Associated Press: A Mennonite pastor convicted of helping a former Vermont woman flee the country rather than share custody of her child with her former same-sex partner has been ordered to prison. On Monday, the …

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