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LGBT History Month Begins

And there’s a website that will be posting biographies about a different LGBT figure every day. They begin today with Roberta Achtenberg.

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B.A.R. Posts All Obits Since 1980

In a joint project with the San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Historical Society, the Bay Area Reporter has created an online database of every obituary published since 1980. For years, especially in the late 1980s and early 1990s, people who had died from complications related to AIDS dominated the B.A.R. ‘s obituary pages. Tom Burtch, a volunteer at San Francisco’s …

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First Gay Rights Writing Discovered

An English scholar has unearthed a scroll of parchment containing what he says is the earliest English-language writing on the topic of gay rights. Ancient And Modern Pederasty Investigated And Exemplified, a book written by Thomas Cannon in 1749 is a “defense” of homosexuality containing citations from ancient Greek and Roman literature. The book was suppressed upon publication, with all …

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