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SEATTLE: Arsonist Of Gay Nightclub May Only Get Five Years In Prison

The man who attempted to murder over 700 LGBT people by setting fire to a packed Seattle nightclub on New Year’s Eve is due to be sentenced today. Under the plea agreement Musab Masmari will serve the mandatory minimum of five years in prison, although the judge in the case could sentence the 31-year-old up to the maximum 20 years …

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POSTED: Initial Charges Against Seattle Gay Nightclub Arson Suspect

Below is the charging document in the case of Musab Marsmari, who is suspected in the New Year’s Eve arson at the packed Seattle gay nightclub Neighbours.  Details of Masmari’s actions and words in the days between the crime and his Saturday arrest are within. The FBI is investigating the fire as a possible hate crime. You’ll likely need to …

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BREAKING: Seattle Police Arrest Suspected Arsonist Of Gay Nightclub

Seattle police have arrested the man that some suspect attempted to murder over 750 gay nightclub patrons by setting fire to the packed club moments after midnight on New Year’s Eve. Via Capitol Hill Seattle: Musab Mohamed Masmari, 30, was arrested Saturday morning as police say he was on his way to the airport. Masmari, who has not been charged …

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