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New York GOP Leader Calls For “Total War” On The Left

The SPLC’s Hatewatch reports: A collection of radical right figures including white nationalists and ultranationalist European leaders gathered in Manhattan for the New York Young Republicans Club’s (NYYRC) annual gala Saturday night, where that group’s president declared “total war” on perceived enemies. “We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war. We must be prepared to do battle in …

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Cultist GOP Group Condemns “Pathetic And Cowardly” Boebert For “Apologizing” To Rep. Ilhan Omar [VIDEO]

Media Matters has the transcript: GAVIN MARIO WAX (PRESIDENT, NEW YORK YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB): Oh, it’s so pathetic and cowardly. I mean, you never apologize, do not apologize, do not let them set the narrative. And certainly do not apologize to an anti-American antisemitic radical like Ilhan Omar, who has plenty to actually apologize for. Apologizing is the biggest show …

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