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Former Trump WH Aide Doxxes Families Of FBI Agents

The Daily Beast reports: Just hours after a list began circulating among right-wing media of FBI agents who signed off on the search warrant for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, a former Trump aide tried to sic MAGA fans on the family members of the purported agents. Garrett Ziegler, who recently went on a sexist tear against former White House colleagues, …

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Trump Aide Rants About “Anti-White” Jan. 6 Committee

CNN reports: A former Trump White House aide who met with the January 6 committee earlier this week went on a profane and sexist rant on a livestream after his testimony, where he railed against the lawmakers and attacked other witnesses, according to audio posted to his Telegram. The aide, Garrett Ziegler, met with the House panel on Tuesday. In …

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