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Televangelist Mary Colbert: Trump’s Filthy Fucking Potty Mouth Only Proves How Much He’s Like Jesus [VIDEO]

According to scamvangelist Mary Colbert, Trump’s use of “rough language” only proves how much he’s totally like Jesus. Seriously. Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: Colbert said that Christians who oppose Trump because of his use of “rough language” must also “have a problem with Jesus because he spoke to the Pharisees and Sadducees and said, ‘You vipers, you …

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Brian Brown: JMG Is Blasphemous And Totally Keeps Quoting Me Verbatim

“For GLAAD, of all groups, to demand for A&E to punish him [Phil Robertson] for these words manifests an irony that would almost be funny if it wasn’t so offensive. The same organization, GLAAD, has awarded and celebrated the gay blogger, Joe Jervis (of the famous gay blog, Joe.My.G*d). Apart from the blasphemous and offensive title of his blog, Jervis …

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