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Maybe 19 Kids & Counting ISN’T Coming Back

Over at The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta believes the Christian Post‘s story about TLC bringing back 19 Kids & Counting is bullshit. He writes: First of all, the only publication reporting this news is the Christian Post. Are we really supposed to believe no one else is covering this? That alone should make you suspicious. The Christian Post also doesn’t …

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I Did A Podcast For The Friendly Atheist

If you can bear hearing me say “you know” a hundred times, a couple of weeks ago popular Patheos blogger Hemant Mehta invited me onto his Friendly Atheist podcast during which he and his co-host grilled me about my blogging habits, the creation of JMG, and the state (and future) of the LGBT movement. Here’s his somewhat effusive set up: …

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