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Apology Revoked
(And Munchausen-By-Blog Syndrome)

Oh, gentle readers, what a twisted, fascinating, maddening, saddening place is this thing called Teh Internets. Remember Cooper? The firefighter gay dad of two adopted boys who pulled his widely-loved blog after an “attack” of malicious comments and emails from the readers of this blog? Causing me to get extremely bent of out shape and offer Cooper a heartfelt (really) …

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Rolling like A Rapper

Dateline covered the lavish lifestyle of Pastor Benny Hinn, which includes a $10M oceanside mansion, personal jets, and numerous stays at opulent resorts where the daily room rates are in the thousands of dollars. But it’s OK, cuz he totally uses the rest of his time exhorting his millions of viewers to send him money to feed the starving children …

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