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Spain Exhumes Franco’s Body Over Fascist Protests

The New York Times reports: The Spanish government on Thursday exhumed the remains of the former dictator Gen. Francisco Franco from the underground basilica that he built after winning his country’s civil war. The move had prompted criticism that, coming just two weeks before a national election, it would reopen old rifts in Spanish society. Franco’s remains were moved in …

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SPAIN: High Court Rules For Exuming Francisco Franco

Politico Europe reports: Spain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Francisco Franco’s remains can be removed from the Valley of the Fallen, endorsing the Socialist government’s plans against his descendants’ will. The generalísimo’s body is set to be disinterred from the giant mausoleum on the outskirts of Madrid — a basilica dug into a hillside topped by a cross 150 …

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SPAIN: Fascists Battle Plan To Dig Up Francisco Franco

Courthouse News reports: Spain’s left-wing government is seeking to remove the body of dictator Francisco Franco from a fascist-era monument near Madrid and set up a commission to investigate crimes committed during Spain’s civil war and military dictatorship, a move strongly opposed by retired military officers and others. The moves by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and his Spanish Socialist Workers’ …

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