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US Reaches One Million Electric Car Sales

Axios reports: Sale of the one millionth electric vehicle in the U.S. is likely to occur this month, according to an estimate by the group Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) that’s based on data compiled by Inside EVs. It’s a symbolic threshold that signals growing adoption of the technology, even though it remains a small part of the overall U.S. …

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Landmark Climate Change Study Warns Planet Has Until 2030 Before Irreversible Consequences Start To Occur

The New York Times reports: A landmark report from the United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change than previously thought and says that avoiding the damage requires transforming the world economy at a speed and scale that has “no documented historic precedent.” The report, issued on Monday …

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NOAA: Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record High

Stand by for EPA head Scott Pruitt to denounce this as fake news: Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels hit a new high last year and have only continued to climb in the first two months of 2017, federal scientists reported Friday. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at a U.S. observatory in Hawaii rose by 3 parts per million …

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