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Tea Party Sites: Obama Doesn’t Care About Dead Soldiers At Fort Hood

Breitbart, Truth Revolt, and other Tea Party sites are declaring that President Obama doesn’t care about the soldiers killed yesterday at Fort Hood. Instead of giving the Texas incident the proper attention, they imply that the president shrugged and jetted off to Chicago to dance under a waterfall of six-digit checks from wealthy leftists. Ben Shapiro blasted out several tweets …

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American Family Association Calls For Expulsion Of All Muslims From U.S. Military

Taking a short break from their relentless campaign to demonize LGBT people, the American Family Association has announced that in light of the Fort Hood shooting, now is the time to expel all Muslims from the U.S. military. From the AFA’s “action” site: Of course, most U.S. Muslims don’t shoot up their fellow soldiers. Fine. As soon as Muslims give …

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Texas: Soldier Goes On Rampage At Fort Hood, 12 Dead, 31 Wounded

U.S. Army base Fort Hood, which houses 40,000 troops just north of Austin, Texas, is today the site of a bloody massacre in which 12 soldiers and civilians are dead and 31 are wounded. One of the dead is the suspected shooter. He is identified as Major Malik Nadal Hassan, 39. The Freepers are going nuts already. UPDATE: Two additional …

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