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Food Costs To Rise Due To Weather

Unsurprisingly, these unrelenting heat waves and the worst drought in five decades is going to make itself known in your shopping cart. “It is one extra kick in the stomach” for low-income families, said Chris G. Christopher, senior principal economist at IHS, a consulting firm. “There’s a lot of people in this country living paycheck to paycheck. This is not …

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Willie Nelson – Back To The Start

Yes, this is the Coldplay song. Clip description: The film, by film-maker Johnny Kelly, depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. Both the film and the soundtrack were commissioned by Chipotle to emphasize the importance …

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Study Claims Americans Waste 40% Of The Food That They Purchase

A new study that measures the amount of the American food supply and what is actually eaten claims that we throw out 40% of the food we purchase. U.S. residents are wasting food like never before. While many Americans feast on turkey and all the fixings today, a new study finds food waste per person has shot up 50 percent …

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