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Combo COVID/Flu Vax Results In “Strong Immunity”

ABC News reports: Moderna’s combo flu and COVID vaccine provided a strong immune response in older adults, with levels comparable to getting the flu and COVID shots separately, according to the company’s results from a late-stage clinical trial. There are still multiple steps required before the shot would become available. Moderna would need to apply to the FDA for approval, …

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NIH Begins Trial On mRNA-Based Universal Flu Vaccine

CNBC reports: Patients are now enrolling in an early stage clinical trial to test a universal flu vaccine based on messenger RNA technology, the National Institutes of Health announced Monday. Scientists hope the vaccine will protect against a wide variety of flu strains and provide long-term immunity so people do not have to receive a shot every year. Messenger RNA, …

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Moderna Plans Combined Annual COVID/Flu Booster

Politico Europe reports: Moderna hopes to market a combined booster vaccination for COVID-19, influenza and RSV — a common respiratory virus — as soon as the fall of 2023, CEO Stéphane Bancel said Monday. Bancel, speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum, said the combination vaccine would enable people to get broad protection against illnesses caused by respiratory …

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