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Kirk: Time To “Flood The Zone” With Anti-LGBTQ Suits

“What should our strategy be now that we’re getting these precedents? I think we have to flood the zone. I think we have to find good complaints, and this is why First Liberty is so important, everybody. “It’s FirstLiberty.org, I do a lot of different things with them, we do a lot of events together. They are on the cutting …

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Hate Group Plans “Major Push” To Inflict Jesus On You

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: Emboldened by recent Supreme Court decisions upholding prayer in schools, crosses erected on public lands, and flying Christian flags on public buildings, right-wing activists intend to “go on offense” by pushing Christian nationalist policies at all levels of government and society. Among those leading the charge is Kelly Shackelford, president of First Liberty, …

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Hate Group Sues After Air Force Colonel Is Disciplined For Refusing To Follow Protocol On Same-Sex Marriage

The Air Force Times reports: An Air Force colonel who refused to sign a certificate of appreciation for the same-sex spouse of a retiring master sergeant in his command claims he was wrongly disciplined for holding to his religious beliefs. Following the May incident, the master sergeant filed an Equal Opportunity complaint alleging that Col. Leland Bohannon, then-commander of the …

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