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Utah “Final Solution” Group A Hoax

As suspected, the Patriots For A Moral Utah and their Final Solution was a rather elaborate hoax intended to dramatize the frightening escalation of anti-gay rhetoric by Christianist groups. Two of the hoaxers are members of the Utah environmentalist group Peaceful Uprising, although that organization appears uninvolved. Jesse Fruhwirth at Salt Lake City’s alternative newspaper City Weekly is unamused. As …

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Utah’s Final Solution: Patriot Group Announces Bill To Force All Homosexuals Out Of The State, Arrest Fugitives

Hoax or real? Calling it “Utah’s Fair Solution”, a group called Patriots For A Moral Utah is holding a press conference today to announce legislation that would force all homosexuals to leave the state. The bill would create a transportation system for shipping all gays out of the state and would criminalize any Utah citizen who “harbors a remaining homosexual.” …

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