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Lyrics By Steinberg & Kelly

Christmas Eve, Orlando, my sister’s house… Six Year-old Niece: Uncle Joe, let’s play singalong! Uncle Joe: Oh, you have a karaoke machine! Neat! The machine, with its large colorful buttons, is clearly made for a child. My niece turns it on and grabs the microphone. The lyrics of the first song begin to scroll up the small screen. I made …

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The Ball Knows

My 5-year old niece got a new American Girl doll, one that looked quite a bit like her, except for the doll’s short bangs. After two weeks of begging, my sister finally relented and cut my niece’s bangs to match the doll. My niece ran to the mirror with glee, but shocked everybody with, “I hate it! I’m ugly! I’M …

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