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Anti-Gay Crackpot Paul Cameron: I’m Open To Death Penalty For Homosexuality

Radio host David Pakman writes us: Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute said today that he not only favors the Ugandan anti-gay law which indicates prison as a punishment for homosexuality, he added that he consulted with Ugandan officials on the law, and that he would be open to the idea of the death penalty as a punishment …

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Christian Hate Group Cheers Uganda: Homosexuality Is Worse Than Murder

Brian Tashman writes at Right Wing Watch: Paul Cameron’s Family Research Institute is upset that Marvin Olasky of the Religious Right-aligned WORLD magazine dared to criticize Uganda’s draconian anti-gay bill, which recently passed parliament but has been blocked by the president, at least for now. In a response on its website, Cameron’s group took issue with Olasky’s claim that the …

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