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Alex Jones: The KKK Is Run By Self-Hating Racist Blacks

“The truth is it was the Republicans and the Christians and the abolitionists that tried to end it all [slavery] and then the globalists said, ‘What are we going to do with these freed slaves coming into big cities? We’re going to make their areas red light districts, we’re going to take control of them, we’re going to buy out …

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Alex Jones: Charlottesville Was A False Flag Run By SPLC Operatives Who Hired Actors To Pose As Nazis

“So they advertise and they have a ‘unite the right – don’t be racist’ rally and of course these guys with torches come and you look them up and most of them are actors, you can even look up their names. They’re Democratic Party operatives. They’ve been caught painting swastikas on black people’s places and burning crosses and they always …

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