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Colbert Takes On #FakeMelania Rumors [VIDEO]

From the Hollywood Reporter: Frequent Melania Trump impersonator Laura Benanti dropped in on Friday night to chat with Late Show host Stephen Colbert about the rumors that the First Lady uses a “body double” when photographed with Trump. “This is nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory. Fortunately, the Late Show has a source that could put an end to …

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#FakeMelania Is Once Again Dominating Twitter

Heavy.com reports: The “Fake Melania” chorus of social media voices has struck again. In what seems to be the biggest irony ever, Trump who had been at the forefront of the “birther” movement against President Barack Obama, having accused the latter of not being born in the United States, now faces a “truther” movement of his own. “Fake Melania is …

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