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Moms For Liberty Behind Move To Fire Florida Teacher For Showing Disney Film Featuring Out Gay Character

The Tallahassee Democrat reports: A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state Department of Education after what she believes is a targeted attack by a school board member who took issue with a Disney movie shown in her classroom. At a Hernando County School Board meeting Tuesday, fifth-grade teacher Jenna Barbee alleges school board member Shannon Rodriguez reported her …

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Hundreds Of Patriot Front Fascists March In DC [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports: Hundreds of masked fascists from the Patriot Front white nationalist movement were monitored by the police as they paraded through the National Mall in Washington D.C.  The marchers showed up on Saturday as they made their way around the Washington Monument. The marchers’ faces were concealed by sunglasses and white masks, and they carried an assortment of shields, …

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French Extremist Launches Another Bid For President

The New York Times reports: Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader aiming to be France’s next president, came to launch her latest campaign in the seaside resort where her firebrand father once announced his own bid for the presidency from the family home. But the recent trip to the family base at La Trinité-sur-Mer in western France, where Ms. Le …

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