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BOOK: How Trump Cultists Desire Authoritarian Rule

The Washington Post reports: A new book by a psychology professor and a former lawyer in the Nixon White House argues that Trump has tapped into a current of authoritarianism in the American electorate, one that’s bubbled just below the surface for years. In “Authoritarian Nightmare,” Bob Altemeyer and John W. Dean marshal data from a previously unpublished nationwide survey …

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Trump: My SS Did A Great Job On Those DC Protesters

Boing Boing reports: So, this is notable. He’s using “SS” for Secret Service. Again. He’s using the term “SS.” He is referring to the tear-gassing of protesters outside the White House, to clear the way for a photo-op at a church. So, the SS easily handled the anti-fascists. Well there you go. Twitter, unsurprisingly, is having a field day. Our …

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