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94% Of Fortune 500 Protect Gays

The Equality Forum reports that 471 of the nation’s 500 biggest companies now include sexual orientation in their employment discrimination protections. That number represents a massive improvement from 2003 when only 323 companies did so. Almost half of the remaining non-compliant companies are headquartered in Texas. Those companies are on the chart to the left, ranked by annual revenue. It …

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Fortune 500: 93% Protect Gay Employees

Equality Forum reports that a whopping 466 of Fortune 500 companies now offer protection to their gay employees. Highest ranked of the holdouts is #2 Exxon Mobil, but you have to go all the way down to #95, Liberty Mutual, to find the next company still witholding protection. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Texas leads the list of states with the most non-compliant …

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