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Tea Party’s Debt Solution: Sell Pristine Federal Lands To Corporations

Tea party darling Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) wants to sell millions of acres of pristine federally-protected park land. Leading the list of potential buyers? Timber, mining, and petroleum corporations, of course. The two-term Utah Republican cites a 1997 report, which Congress ordered the Clinton administration to produce, listing public lands that were not otherwise set aside for oil and gas …

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The Grill Baby Grill GOBP Cookbook

Jacket blurb: “The GOBP has been clear: we should thank BP for all they’ve done to create this delicious new cuisine. This summer, cook like a real conservative with Grill Baby Grill the only cookbook full of the bold flavor of deregulation.” (Tipped by JMG reader Ed)

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