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“Protect DOMA” Site Launched

Terrified at the prospect that Barack Obama will actually make LGBT Americans the full citizens they deserve to be, the Christianist right has preemptively launched Protect DOMA, a site designed to build opposition in minority communities to the repeal of the Defense Of Marriage Act. All of the photos and quotes on the main page are from black and Latino …

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Mexican Soap Star Shills For Yes On 8

Anti-gay Mexican soap star and singer Eduardo Verastegui made this new Spanish-language ad for Yes On 8. His support for Prop 8 has already caused a protest in Mexico City. Mexican-American movie star Eduardo Verastegui has begun campaigning against California’s homosexual “marriage” law, and is incurring the wrath of Mexican homosexuals as a result. Following Verastegui’s reported decision to lead …

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