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Ed Shultz Rips Crazy Eyes

This weekend Rep. Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann told a Minnesota GOP group that she’s “all in” for the 2012 presidential campaign. She added that she would put Glenn Beck in charge of fixing the economy, saying, “That man can explain anything.” Ed Shultz had a field day.

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Nigeria Wants To Arrest Dick Cheney

Which is funny and totally deserved, but so not gonna happen. The real humor in this clip is this on-air bitch fight between the one-named liberal personality Lionel and GOP strategist/Quisling/closet case Ron Christie, who has a full-on queen attack. “WhatEVER!”

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Ed Shultz On Teabagger Militia

Last night MSNBC’s Ed Shultz ranted about the teabagger plan in Oklahoma to form an armed state militia to defend against the federal government. Crazy/scary OK state Sen. Randy Brogdon is running for governor and joins Shultz to “call for the restoration of Constitutional liberties.”

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