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Earworm Hell

The below jingle for Carmel Car Service runs on NYC television about every ten minutes. Maddeningly annoying and catchy, as the vanishing art of jingles are meant to be. This one is only slightly less painful than its cringe-worthy “Oooh, gurl” predecessor.

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Itt Van A Gummimaci

I think I’ll send y’all off for the weekend with the worstest most earwormish song since the Crazy Frog. Itt Van A Gummimaci is the original version (in Hungarian), but there’s others: Jag Är En Gummibjörn (in Swedish), and Osito Gominola (in Spanish). You can also hear it in French, English, and German. Crazy Euros and their pop music. You. …

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Attack Of The Earworm

Ack. I cannot get this very annoying Optimum Online reggaeton jingle out of my head. For days now. Earworm! Earworm! Make it stop. 8-7-7 3-9-3 4-4-4-eeeeeeeeight.

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