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UK Lawmaker Compares Grey Squirrels To Hamas

The Daily Beast reports: A British lawmaker was criticized after bizarrely likening gray squirrels to Hamas during a debate Tuesday. Jim Shannon, a member of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, spoke in Westminster about a debate over controlling the U.K.’s gray squirrel population. After praising a local group working to protect red squirrels in his constituency, Shannon said: “Gray squirrels …

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Queen Vows UK Will Protect Gays From Discrimination As Tories Seek Coalition With Anti-LGBT Party [VIDEO]

Gay Star News reports: Queen Elizabeth II has vowed the UK will protect people based on sexual orientation. The Conservative party, in an attempt to claw back after their failed bid to win a bigger majority in the UK election, has agreed to work with the homophobic DUP from Northern Ireland. Written by the Government, the Queen’s Speech was heard …

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