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Wikileaks Threatens To Dox Verified Twitter Users

The tech world is rightfully freaking out. Via Ars Technica: A Friday Twitter post from Wikileaks’ official “task force” declared intent to build a publicly searchable database revolving around a particular group of people: verified Twitter accounts. The task force neither clarified where this information would come from, nor did it clarify its reasons for mulling such a project. On …

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Fox News Host Lou Dobbs Apologizes For Doxing Trump Accuser: My Bad (And Make America Great Again)

Early this afternoon Fox News host Lou Dobbs spawned a firestorm of criticism after he retweeted the home address and phone number of one of Trump’s accusers. Just now Dobbs tweeted the above apology with a #MAGA nod to Trump and a link to Politico‘s story about the controversy. At this writing Fox News has not responded to media inquiries …

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DOXING ATTACK: Fox News Host Lou Dobbs Retweets Home Address And Phone Number Of Trump Accuser

Business Insider reports: Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Thursday posted the purported phone number and address belonging to one of the women who has accused Donald Trump of unwanted sexual contact. Dobbs, a fierce Trump supporter, retweeted an individual who had posted the purported information of Jessica Leeds. The 74-year-old woman alleged on Wednesday that decades ago Trump groped …

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