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Maryland Pol: I’m Gonna Impeach Our AG For Recognizing Gay Marriage

Maryland state Delegate Don Dwyer says he’s going to have Attorney General Douglas Gansler impeached for the crime of recognizing same-sex unions from other states. Mr. Dwyer said that Mr. Gansler overstepped his authority in issuing a legal opinion last month saying the state would recognize same-sex marriages from other places and ordering state agencies to give gay married couples …

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PhoboQuotable – Brian Brown

“Maryland’s statutory law clearly states that ‘Only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid’ in Maryland. The Maryland Supreme Court upheld the law and stated clearly it was the province of the legislature to change it. What part of the law doesn’t the Attorney General understand? What other laws is he unwilling to enforce? This is an …

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Maryland AG Endorses Gay Marriage

Saying acceptance of gay marriage was “inevitable,” Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler has become the first statewide-elected official there to endorse marriage equality legislation. Gansler accuses lawmakers of lacking the “political courage” to approve the legislation this year, saying “It’s wrong to discriminate against people, particularly because they think differently or because of their sexuality or because of their gender. …

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