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Twitter Goes Off On Junior Over Claim That Obama Appointed FCC Chairman (Junior’s Daddy Did That)

USA Today reports: Twitter users pounced on Donald Trump Jr. Thursday for a tweet about the debate over net neutrality that featured a prominent typo and an apparent misconception about which president appointed the current chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. In addition to misspelling neutrality, Trump Jr. was mistaken in referring to Chairman Ajit Pai as “Obama’s FCC chairman.” …

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CNN’s Ed Martin: The Senate Won’t Be Voting On Slavery So It Doesn’t Matter If Roy Moore Wants It Back

“He’s getting elected to the Senate. When he gets to the Senate, he’s going to have to vote on things. And slavery’s not going to be voted on in the Senate, and it’s not — neither is homosexuality. And here’s the thing. Let’s be clear because it’s such a slur against him. What he said was families still loved each …

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Pharma Douche: Punch Me In The Face For Charity

ABC News reports: A Florida woman paid for the right to punch infamous pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli in the face. Shkreli announced Wednesday on Twitter that a woman named Katie from Florida won the bid and has agreed to donate $50,000. Shkreli will match her bid. Shkreli was once called the “most hated man in America” after imposing a massive …

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