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Christian Activist: Since Gays Die 20 Years Early, Voters Should Wonder If Mayor Pete Will Live Out His Term

Former Indiana GOP state rep turned Christian activist Don Boys wants to know how gay Mayor Pete actually is. From his syndicated column: Pete and his lover chose to make their perversion a very public matter. They really worked at it. Pete said, “I’m gay as a—I don’t know, think of something really gay—that’s how gay I am.” Remember, Pete …

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Christian Activist On Brett Kavanaugh: The Bible Says It’s Not Rape If The Woman Doesn’t Scream For Help

Christian activist Don Boys has published a jaw-dropping take on the Kavanaugh accusations for Liberty Counsel radio host Matt Barber’s site, Barbwire. An excerpt: Some common sense definitions are necessary regarding this accusation. Rape is having sex with a woman while she screams for help. No scream, no rape according to Deuteronomy 22:23-24. Ford says Kavanaugh held his hand over …

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