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Ex-Russian Space Chief: NASA Faked Moon Landing

Ars Technica reports: Dmitry Rogozin was fired as director general of Russia’s main space corporation, Roscosmos, nearly a year ago. He has spent much of the time since near the front lines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sharing various hateful, threatening, and nationalistic sentiments on his Telegram account. Occasionally, however, the pugnacious politician still opines about space on his “Rogozin …

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Russian Space Agency: Venus Is A “Russian Planet”

CBS News reports: If there is life on Venus, it might want to start learning Russian. The boss of Russia’s government space agency has claimed it as a “Russian planet.” The bold territorial claim comes on the heels of scientific research suggesting life could exist on Earth’s celestial neighbor, the second planet from the sun. Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin, who’s …

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