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Shake The Veep!

Manhattan DJ Bill Pfeiffer has done a hot sleazy track from a snippet of Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech. “Take it from a gal who knows the north slope of Alaska.” Very Grace Jones circa Slave To The Rhythm. Love love it. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have slept until I found the 12″ of this.

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Black Party 2008 Recap

Once again I failed to delay my arrival at the Black Party to an hour more amenable to sustaining my energy until the close of the event, an accomplishment I have only made four or five times in fifteen attendances, of which this year’s was my eleventh consecutive. Boo me. But as I had many out of town friends visiting, …

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DJ Michael Fierman Chats With JMG

Veteran DJ Michael Fierman will play the closing set at this week’s Saint-At-Large Black Party. Today, Michael answers a few questions for JMG.JMG: Tell me about playing at the original Saint. How did you get the gig? Michael Fierman: Playing records at the Saint was the equivalent of a Carnegie Hall performance for piano recitalists; the ultimate achievement. The prestige …

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