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US To Use Primates In Study On “Havana Syndrome”

The Insider reports: Scientists at a US military laboratory are planning to experiment on primates to investigate possible causes of the mysterious brain injures, nicknamed “Havana Syndrome,” that American spies, diplomats, officials, and even military personnel have suffered both at home and abroad, according to a report from The New Yorker. US national security agencies are trying to figure out …

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Feds Suspect Second Directed Energy Attack Near WH

CNN reports: Two White House officials were struck by a mysterious illness late last year — including one who was passing through a gate onto the property — newly revealed details that come as investigators are still struggling to determine who or what is behind these strange incidents. The cases are consistent with an inexplicable constellation of sensory experiences and …

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Russian Spies Suspected In Directed-Energy Attacks

Politico reports: U.S. officials suspect that a notorious Russian spy agency may be behind alleged attacks that are causing mysterious health issues among U.S. government personnel across the world, according to three current and former officials with direct knowledge of the discussions. The intelligence community has not reached a consensus or made a formal determination. However, officials have told lawmakers …

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