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Homeland Security IG Has Diploma Mill “Doctorate”

Mother Jones reports: The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general wants you to know he has the credentials to hold accountable a 240,000-person department responsible for keeping the country safe. Until Thursday, Joseph Cuffari’s official government bio stated, “Dr. Cuffari earned a Ph.D. in philosophy.” That isn’t true. Cuffari’s PhD from California Coast University is in management, and it was …

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Online School Offers “Doctorate” In End Times Prophecy

From a press release posted by Christian Newswire: Want to Become an End Times Prophecy Scholar? Earn your Masters or Doctoral Degree in this exciting field of study, ONLY at the Luder-Wycliffe School of Eschatology! Want to learn more? Contact our office TODAY! No other school in the world offers these exclusive and specialized degree programs. Luder-Wycliffe Theological Seminary stands …

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