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PETA Billboards: Deport Callous Cheating Trump Junior

Via press release from PETA: As President Trump deploys National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to help keep asylum-seekers out, PETA is warning people about the presence of “undesirables” much closer to home and pointing the finger at trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr. The group plans to run billboards in the border towns of El Paso and Laredo, Texas, …

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DOJ Sets Deportation Quotas For Immigration Judges

The Wall Street Journal reports: The Justice Department has notified immigration judges that it will begin evaluating their job performance based on how quickly they close cases, aiming to speed deportation decisions and reduce a lengthy backlog. The new quotas for judges to meet—laid out in a memo sent Friday to immigration judges—follow other directives by the department to expedite …

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LGBT Groups Ask Obama To Hold Gay Deportations Until SCOTUS Ruling

A coalition of more than 50 LGBT and progressive groups has sent a letter to President Obama asking that he order a hold on the deportations of all gay-married foreign nationals until the Supreme Court issues its ruling on DOMA. The groups urged the president to “hold in abeyance” cases currently under consideration by federal immigration authorities of United States …

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