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Idaho Paper Publishes Four Accounts Of Gay Sex with Senator Larry Craig

After months of investigation, today the Idaho Statesman published the stories of four gay men who describe their sexual encounters with Senator Larry Craig. The paper’s web version of the story includes graphic audio clips from the four men. Two of them, Mike Jones and David Phillips, have previously told their stories on blogs (here and on Wonkette.) From the …

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Poofter Rolls On

Pam Spaulding reports that the Virginia DMV has relented and will allow one-time Larry Craig trick David Phillips to keep his “POOFTER” vanity plate. Phillips: “This morning the Virginia DMV notified me by phone that I can keep my POOFTER plates. This after I returned directly to the head of the DMV the generic plates supplied with their hate letter, …

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The Case Of The Poofter Plate

David Phillips, whom you may recall for telling the world about his scatified encounter with Larry Craig, is in the news again. Phillips has been told by the Virginia DMV that he must surrender his POOFTER vanity plate. For 11 years, over nearly 200,000 miles, with the blessing of the state of Virginia, David Phillips has driven his Tracker with …

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