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Ex-Gay Pastor: Masturbation Is Just As Bad As Gay Sex Because You’re Still Totally Thinking About Other Dudes

When we last checked in with Charisma News, the nation’s top site for anti-witchcraft tutorials, they warned us that burned eggs can summon demons. Today, ex-gay pastor and alleged former hooker David Kyle Foster has some thoughts about jerking off: A person who practices masturbation without imagining sex with someone is rare indeed, if he or she exists at all. …

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HomoQuotable – David Kyle Foster

“For over 10 years I lived the homosexual lifestyle, and for 34 years I have not. And there are very good reasons for that difference. To those who suggest that I never was homosexual, my response is, ‘Does sleeping with over 1,000 men count?’ Oh yes. I was homosexual, though like most, I never wanted to have such attractions. I …

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