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Christian TV Host And Hate Group Leader Agree That COVID Vaccine Is Like Nazis “Experimenting On Jews”

Media Matters has the transcript: DAVID BRODY (HOST): As the Liberty Counsel points out, since the vaccine has only been approved for emergency use authorization and not full FDA approval, any mandates for this vaccine would be a violation of federal law. So why? Well, because it would violate a little thing called the Nuremberg Code, a code mentioned on …

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Pat Robertson’s Network Blasts Trump’s “Sloppy And Dangerous” Lies About Virus, This Is A “Major Failure”

Raw Story reports: David Brody is a chief political analyst for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting network. He, like many evangelicals, is also one of President Trump’s most vocal supporters. But in a tweet this Thursday, he took the unusual step of taking Trump to task over him claims that “anybody” that needs a test for coronavirus will get a test …

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