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Idol’s Top Six

Father Tony came over to watch American Idol with me last night after I declined his invitation to watch it at Urge. (Somehow I didn’t feel like watching David Archuleta through the sweaty legs of go-go boys.) Last night the six remaining contestants performed the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber and when the announcer said that Webber had “composed most …

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I Am A 12 Year Old Girl

Seriously, we’re seeing something really amazing with this David Archuleta kid on American Idol, who last night very riskily took on perhaps the most beloved and sacred song in the history of pop music and knocked it into the bleacher seats. I came this close to actually calling and voting with the rest of America’s 12 year-old girls.

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Idol Season 7: No Sanjaya In Sight

Hoping to find this year’s Sanjaya, I tuned into last night’s American Idol for their all-guys show. (The all-girls show is tonight.) None of the 12 contestants seemed to have that wacky Sanjayacity that made last season the first one that I actually took an interest in, but I totally fell in love with 17 year-old puppy dog David Archuleta …

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